What is Wakazo?


Wakazo.Inc is a company that works on projects supporting the democratic system together with designers and artists.

In particular, our activities include

1. PR activities, not only for politicians but also companies

2. Participation in making public policies

3. Promoting CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility) activities of companies


Through these activities, we, Wakazo.Inc are trying to connect the younger generations, who lost faith or interest in politics, with politicians. Our activities are part of developing the social system in a reliable, sustainable way. Maintaining the democratic constitution is a responsibility of the people.


Our company sets great value in utilizing our means in a creative way to start activities to increase young people's participation in maintaining democracy.


By saying 'artists' we mean individuals who reach for of concepts not yet seen by the rest of the world. Many artists disrelish politics.


Nevertheless, everyone, including these artists, live in nations built up by the politics they mistrust. In our opinion, thinking that politics doesn't have anything to do with yourself is irresponsible. If you don't like the current political situation of your democray, it's even more important to stand up and change it. Not being satisfied with politics is the best source of change.