“Voting rewards”


Shops who participate in the project reward customers who prove their participation in the elections with special offers or small discounts.


1. December 2012: „Voting Discount“ starts in Saitama prefecture, Japan.

The crucial factor of choosing Saitama as the place to start the project was its' extremely low participation rate in the last elections.

2. July 2013: Extension to Yokohama (Kanagawa prefecture), a popular place among young people  and therefore a great spot to reach the target audience of the project.



In Japan young people tend to think that that voting itself is meaningless, because their voice doesn't have an influence on politics.


Because of the low participation rate for the last elections (<30%), young people are even more convinced of not being able to change anything. Wakazo.Inc believes that further development of the election system has to be taken much more seriously. Based on the problem of an ageing society in Japan and the related decrease of the birth rate, nowadays many political measures and activities are focused on the older people of society. However, this problem cannot be solved without more younger people developing a growing political consciousness.


By setting up „voting rewards“ Wakazo.Inc wants to work on rehabilitating the current system by motivating young people to come in closer contact with politics.